Visionary Posts

By Ashley M. Blanco 

unnamedI imagine a world where kindness and integrity are the policies of the land.

I imagine a place where the success of one person is not a threat to another. Instead, success is celebrated and the only person at the center of the stage is the One who made us. I envision a world egos no longer take on religious labels and people are released from bonds of oppression.

I envision a place where we are not forced to disregard color in the attempt to uphold justice and unity. Rather, color is just as much of an asset as character because character is colored by the experiences that accompany our racial experiences.

Resilience is celebrated in this place. Dignities are restored in this place. Purities of heart sustain the liberties of this place. The world we live in offers me glimpses that keep my eyes on the prize. I keep my eyes open for like-minded people and kindred spirits so that we can partner together for this victory. My life mission is to show what is possible.





By Rachel Gonzalez

I see a world that has yet to unfold.  Where children are given the opportunity to shape their voice by learning perfection is not key, rather it is their authenticity and vulnerability that will unlock Rachel Gonzalezthe dreams they dare to dream.

I see a vision of children leading the way for future generations and the ones who have currently lost their way.  I envision a revival of spirit and a turning to truth which is self evident: that all men are created equal and not because it was written in a decree, but because it was declared when the Majesty of His image was placed on each of God’s most cherished creations.

I dream of a world where people understand the undeniable truth that they are beautiful and though the color of their skin does not define them, it is an intricate and important part of their earthly identity.

I see the impossible … and I will live my life in the pursuit of revealing that what was impossible with man, is possible with God.