Heal the Hood

“It takes the hood to save the hood,” is what hundreds of San Francisco natives chanted as they marched down 3rd Street in the Bay View Hunter’s Point community in April. Those words we made clear that they are more than a chant and catch phrase for those who utter them, live in the now gentrified Bay View and have experienced the pain of brutality, gun violence and displacement.

Black Lives Matter San Francisco organizers planned and organized the day of action which included stating facts on displacement, brutality and gun violence in San Francisco as well as recognizing the people and the pain in the community. Ronnisha Johnson, a community organizer, Bay View native and resident pointed to community members chanting “We see you” as she rode on the Heal the Hood caravan from block to block down 3rd street.

Here are photos from the Heal the Hood march in San Francisco’s Bay View Hunters Point neighborhood captured by Sincere Visions.