Don’t Christianize your stupidity.

Today I have un-friended three members [thus far] from the congregation where I once worshiped, served and cried out for countless hours. Before I go any further, this is not a post about how my faith has been weakened and I no longer believe because of this election. Do you know who my ancestors are? #KnowUs.

In one of the most beautiful, multicultural, De facto segregated, gentrified, progressive, ambiguously racist and crime riddled cities that celebrates the love of all things–yes, all things; I have discovered that some members of the congregation voted for the man who vows to further oppress and segregate people with the hatred that lives and breathes within him.

My heart sank when I saw a praise report for Trump published to a “trusted” leaders Facebook page. Are you really thankful for him? Really?

Here’s my issue. Salt and water don’t mix and we know that as believers.  If Trump were a trap artist and said “Grab her by the p***y “, some of the same people would call him carnal. How can you say that you love Gods people, that you’re pro-life, pray for the sick and less fortunate and vote and praise The Lord for Trump? What disciples are you making?

We talk about missions trips but are intimated by the people who populate the area in which our physical church resides in. I don’t want a tally of your community service, how many people you’ve you won over or another message asking me if I am okay. We are not okay. Believers and non-believers alike are not okay despite the many who are celebrating.

Prison stocks went up today.

There are people are losing hope, are questioning their faith and millions of people will continue to be overlooked.

Some are already saying that this was meant to be. I can live with that…or at least I have to for now. What I can’t live with is being silent while those with authority who claim to be called by The Most High boast in evil. Yes, exercise your right to vote but please be mindful of those who are impacted by your decision.

We do not wage war like the world or grieve like those without hope–but we are not okay.

Donald Trump is not Pro-life. He is anti people of color, anti the less fortunate, anti-women, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim and anti anything that is not like him.

On Sunday, I heard a word here in Harlem that inspired me to pray with more fervor and consider a few things. The word was, “The blood still cries out from the ground,” preached by Michael A. Walrond Jr. I have been meditating on these words for the past few days as well as the context of the Bible where it comes from when Cain murdered his brother Able. But that’s for another day… I urge you to check out the sermon online at FCBCNYC dot org.

Trust and believe, I know there is a time and place for everything. The time is now because Amerikkka is still the place.

If you are going to Christianize your stupidity at least allow Him to radically change you.

Resolved, “There is no right way to do wrong.” -Wilbur ‘Coach’ Jiggins.



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